About The INSPIRITAS Scholars Program

The INSPIRITAS Scholars Program is a comprehensive, cost effective, academic college preparatory program, designed for conscientious international students seeking to best prepare for admission to a top-tier American college or university. The program features one year of full-time study in an American public high school with the goal of meeting the requirements for an American high school diploma. Students accepted into the INSPIRITAS Scholars Program receive a full range of academic preparation and college counseling services, most of which they receive in their home country, prior to traveling to the U.S. They are prepared to successfully meet the requirements for an American high school diploma, and we guide and support them through the college selection and admission process. Our goal is to prepare our scholars to become strong candidates for admission to some of the best universities in the world.

INSPIRITAS Scholars come from many different countries, with different levels of academic preparation and experience. However, their goals are the same—to be accepted into a top-tier American university. We at INSPIRITAS are dedicated to helping all of our scholars achieve that goal. Whether you are just beginning high school, have partially completed high school or recently graduated, our team of experienced and certified college counselors will evaluate your academic record, language skills and college aspirations to chart an individualized pathway.  When successfully completed, you are a strong candidate for admission to a top-tier U.S. college or university.

VIDEO: A Chinese student’s introduction to Cape Cod and our partner high schools
(in Mandarin)

INSPIRITAS Scholar candidates spend most of their high school years studying in their home country. Prior to their year abroad in a U.S. high school, we will evaluate what each scholar candidate has taken or will take at their high school in their home country. We then suggest supplementary, web-based courses to address any academic gaps and to strengthen their English language proficiency. INSPIRITAS academic counselors provide guidance and support to our Scholar candidates enrolled in our online courses, to ensure that they get the most from their online course experience.

Receiving an American High School Diploma is the capstone requirement for becoming an INSPIRITAS Scholar. This achievement demonstrates, to your selected colleges and universities, that you are capable of successfully completing rigorous American coursework, delivered in English by American teachers. It validates your English proficiency and verifies that you are accustomed to living in the United States and comfortable with all of its cultural differences. Of course, our college advisors continue to work with you during this year on your college selection and applications.