College Advising, Application and Selection

Creating a Prospective School List

It is essential that your initial list of college possibilities represents a variety of options. However, it is equally important that this list reflects several factors—each student’s personal goals, academic profile, and record of extracurricular activities. To assure this balance, we will:

  • Conduct an in-depth interview with each student and parents to ascertain personal goals;
  • Complete a professional analysis of each student’s academic record;
  • Recommend a list of options available to each student.

Learning More about the Schools

Our visits to hundreds of college campuses across the country enable us to offer an honest picture of each school under consideration. We counsel students on how to present themselves for their interviews.

Application and Essay Assistance

After narrowing down the initial list, we discuss options and set into motion the application phase of the admissions process. Most students find filling out applications and writing essays the most difficult aspect of the college selection process. To make the process less difficult, we help each student set up an individualized plan, and we include in this plan specific guidelines on how to organize and manage the application process more effectively.

Making the Best Choice

In the likely possibility that there is more than one college acceptance; we help each student reach the best decision by systematically weighing what each school has to offer, in relation to each student’s objectives and capabilities.