Academic Evaluation & Pre-Collegiate Preparation

Strong college applicants have an academic record that shows they have successfully mastered rigorous course content. This demonstrates their comfort with the typical modes of instruction found in American high schools and universities. INSPIRITAS Scholars will complete the requirements for graduation from an American high school. Prior to that year of study, we evaluate what each potential scholar has taken or will take at their local high school, and suggest supplementary, web-based courses to address any academic gaps and strengthen their English language and comprehension skills. We have partnered with Virtual High School, which has set the standard for online and blended learning since 1996. Through their global online classrooms, we can offer Core-Required, STEM, AP®, Honors, Gifted & Talented, Elective and Remedial courses that will prepare students for academic success during their study in the United States.

INSPIRITAS academic counselors provide guidance and support to Scholars enrolled in our online courses, to ensure that they get the most from their online course experience. When they begin their year of study in an American high school, they are prepared to meet that school’s graduation requirements and successfully complete a honors/Advanced Placement schedule of coursework.