About College Advising and Preparation

INSPIRITAS Scholars come from many different countries, with different levels of academic preparation and experience. However, their goals are the same—to be accepted and to enroll in a top-tier American university. We at INSPIRITAS are dedicated to helping all of our scholars achieve that goal. Whether you are just beginning high school, have partially completed or recently graduated, our team of experienced and certified college counselors will evaluate your academic record, language skills and college aspirations to chart an individualized pathway. This pathway will prepare you to become a strong candidate for admission. Families working with INSPIRITAS can expect guidance and discussions that focus on the student’s strengths, interests and talents, needs and educational objectives. We will recommend options and help families weigh alternatives of cost, location, curriculum, activities and institutional culture.

As experienced educators, INSPIRITAS professionals assist students and families to make the right educational decisions for their children. Our specialized training and experience equip us to help students prepare, apply, and choose those colleges that meet their individual needs and goals.

Families seek our services for a number of reasons:

  • To receive personal attention and assistance;
  • To invest wisely in the high cost of education;
  • To bring clarity to an increasingly complicated admission and selection process;
  • To insure they have made the right match for their student.

Deciding which colleges to apply to and, ultimately, which college to attend are not only two of the most important decisions in a young person’s life, they are two of the most difficult. The fundamental problem, of course, is making sure that the choices represent what is best for each individual student.

Our philosophy at INSPIRITAS is based on the idea that there is much more to college counseling than simply getting the student into a “good school.” We believe that helping young people make the right college decision is a highly individualized process—a process, moreover, that requires not only professional guidance but also involved guidance.

That is why the college counseling services we offer cover every aspect of the selection process—from compiling the initial list, to overseeing the preparation of the application and making the best final choice. This is also why we work closely, and on a personal basis, with both students and parents at every stage of the process.

The services we offer at INSPIRITAS serve to enhance the guidance each student may already be receiving at their current school. The expertise we make available to each student is based upon our more than 35 years of experience—experience with not only the college admissions process but with key college admissions officers throughout the country.