Application Requirements

Students aged 16-18 are eligible to attend the program. In some cases, 19-year-olds or graduated students may be eligible. All students must have and maintain a strong grade point average and demonstrate a high level of maturity and motivation to study abroad. All students are required to take a TOEFL test and submit their test results. Although we do not set a minimum score for acceptance to the program, your score will be one factor in our assessment of your potential success as an INSPIRITAS Scholar.

To apply for admission to the INSPIRITAS Scholars Program:

      1. Complete the INSPIRITAS Scholars Application Form.
      2. Send all electronic documents to moc.s1506293853atiri1506293853psni@1506293853ofni1506293853.
      3. Send all required ORIGINAL supporting documents on the checklist below to:

INSPIRITAS Scholars Program
7 Alden Rd.
West Yarmouth, MA 02673

Before sending your application packet to INSPIRITAS, make sure you include ALL of these documents:

      1. Your most recent school transcripts with grades (Original);
      2. Recommendation from your most recent English teacher (see form below);
      3. Recommendation from school principal or guidance counselor (see form below);
      4. Copy of your TOEFL test score report;
      5. Copy of the photo page of your passport;
      6. Official bank statement (less than 3 months old) listing total amount of your personal, family or government financial support;
      7. Two passport-size photos of yourself; and
      8. An application fee of $75 (US).

Applications CANNOT be processed until all fees and documents have been received.
All documents submitted must be translated into English.

Application Process

The application deadline for the August, 2014 class of INSPIRITAS Scholars is April 1, 2014. However, the cohort of Scholars may be filled before that date. Please send your application in early to make sure you have the best chance of acceptance.

INSPIRITAS wants your program to be successful. We must evaluate your academic performance, English proficiency, maturity and readiness for leadership opportunities.

Once accepted into the INSPIRITAS Scholars program, we will facilitate the application to the school district. Accepted students will receive an acceptance letter from INSPIRITAS.