The INSPIRITAS Advantage

First and foremost we are educators.

First and foremost we are educators, with extensive experience in the United States and internationally. We offer much more than a placement agency. We know that a school placement is only one step toward achieving your real goal: to be accepted to a top-tier American university. We work with you to create an individualized pathway to achieve that goal. We prepare you for a successful academic experience in an American high school, which will lead you to graduation. We know that a diploma from an American high school is essential to becoming a very attractive admissions candidate to the most competitive U.S. Universities. Our goal is to prepare you to become the strongest possible candidate for admission to some of the best colleges and universities in the world.

INSPIRITAS is cost effective.

Enrolling in the INSPIRITAS Scholars Program costs a fraction of what it would cost to enroll for four years in an American Independent day or boarding school. Students, who enroll in the INSPIRITAS Scholars Program can receive as much as four years of academic and college counseling, take actively supported web-based preparatory courses, and spend a full academic year attending an American high school. Our Scholar candidates receive all of this advising, preparation, placement and support for less than the cost of just one year of attendance in a top-tier American boarding school.

We believe young people should spend most of their adolescent years living with their families in their home countries.

INSPIRITAS Scholars spend one full academic year in an American high school. Prior to that year of study, they will reside in their home country. We believe that spending your adolescent years with your family, in your native country, immersed in your native culture is essential to defining who you are and shaping your cultural identity. Students will then take that strong cultural identity and viewpoint and share it with those they meet when traveling and studying abroad. Ultimately, we want our Scholars to be comfortable living, working, and leading in many cultures—to be globally competent citizens of the world.

Our Scholars will be well prepared for a year of study in the United States.

As soon as a student is accepted into the Scholars Program, whether they are just beginning high school, have partially completed high school or recently graduated, we evaluate what each potential scholar has taken or will take at their high school in their home country. We suggest supplementary, web-based courses to address any academic gaps and strengthen their English language proficiency. INSPIRITAS academic counselors provide guidance and support to our Scholar candidates enrolled in our online courses, to ensure that they get the most from their online course experience. When they begin their year of study in an American high school, they are prepared to meet that school’s graduation requirements and successfully complete an honors/Advanced Placement schedule of coursework.