The world has grown smaller. For today’s students to be successful in tomorrow’s world, they must be globally competent. Increasingly, what we do in our everyday lives is inextricably intertwined with what governments, businesses, and individuals do beyond our borders. We are becoming a global community, and students must prepare for success in an interconnected world.

As families and students around the world ponder this challenge, they quickly recognize two facts. English is the most popular international language, and the United States has the best college and university system in the world. So, it is not surprising that many international parents want their children to become proficient in English and to graduate from a top-tier American university. However, some parents are understandably reluctant to have their children leave their native country for long stays abroad and risk losing their cultural heritage in this pursuit.

Traditionally, there have been two paths to achieve these goals—attend an independent boarding school in the United States or enroll in a private, English-medium, international school in one’s home country. The problem with both of these options is that each is limited—by cost and availability. American boarding schools have many more international applicants than available seats and are prohibitively expensive, with tuition, fees and expenses running close to $60,000 a year. The number of private international schools in most countries is also very limited; they struggle to hire and retain high quality western teachers and are very expensive over a multi-year period. They also do not provide the language and cultural immersion that a student experiences when studying abroad.

At INSPIRITAS we provide a comprehensive, cost effective, academic college preparatory program. We prepare conscientious international students for admission to a top-tier American college or university. The program features one year of full-time study in an American public high school, with the goal of meeting the requirements for an American high school diploma. Prior to their study abroad, students accepted into the INSPIRITAS Scholars Program receive a full range of academic preparation and college counseling in their home country. During this time, they are fully prepared to successfully matriculate into an American high school and complete requirements for a diploma. We also guide and support them through the college selection and admission process.

INSPIRITAS Scholars will spend one full academic year completing the requirements for graduation in an American high school. Prior to that year of study, we will evaluate what courses each potential scholar has taken or will take at their high school in their home country and suggest supplementary, web-based courses to address any academic gaps and strengthen their English language proficiency. INSPIRITAS academic counselors provide guidance and support to our Scholar candidates to ensure that they get the most from their online courses. When students begin their year of study in an American high school, they are prepared to meet that school’s graduation requirements and successfully complete an honors/Advanced Placement schedule of coursework.

All of our American high school partners offer a full range of Advanced Placement courses (AP) and honors elective classes. INSPIRITAS Scholar candidates arrive at their U.S. schools prepared to meet their graduation requirements and to take a full schedule of honors and AP level coursework. These are the same courses that are offered in the best American independent schools. The American public school students enrolled in these courses are conscientious scholars seeking admission to top-tier colleges and universities. We know from personal and professional experience that this is the most effective pathway to gain admission to America’s best universities. Both founders of INSPIRITAS attended American public schools and have undergraduate and graduate degrees from Cornell and Harvard University.


INSPIRITAS is a division of INSPIRITAS International LLC located in West Yarmouth, MA.